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   National Independent Study Accreditation Council   

What is Accreditation?


  Accreditation is certification by an auditing organization verifying a school successfully demonstrated the necessary standards for directing students in accomplishing appropriate learning expectations. Institutions which desire to participate in this on-going, self-improvement process display a professional attitude for quality education and upstanding business ethics.

  Accreditation is an opportunity for a school to improve the quality of its program and service to its constituents. Undergoing a self-study is important for any program to maintaining its integrity and reputation.

  Accreditation is a non-governmental peer review. It is a self-governing accountability process to verify the philosophy, goals, purpose, and good faith of a school and its staff.

Why Become Accredited?

  Accreditation assists a homeschool program in providing transferable credits to its students. This has become a growing national issue for homeschool students transferring into a public school or desiring to attend a college or university. Accreditation does not involve government oversight, rather a self-governing membership of like-minded schools. NISAC accreditation respects the homeschool philosophy of family and raising children with their values. 

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