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Our Philosophy


  We believe the goal of a school should be to provide the best educational program for its students. The program, encompassing both the cognitive and effective components of education, should foster human growth and development and enable the students to become responsible, productive members of our democratic society.

  Each school should engage in ongoing program improvement, through objective and subjective, internal and external evaluations to assess progress in achieving its philosophy, goals and objectives.

  The primary goal of evaluation and accreditation is the self-improvement of the school. A self-evaluation process by the staff and community of the school, with the assistance of self-study instruments, is the primary basis for evaulation and accreditation of a school. The Council grants accreditation when the school provides compelling evidence that (1) it is substantially accomplishing its own stated purposes and function identified as appropriate for an institution of its type, and (2) the school is meeting an acceptable level of quality in accordance with the general standards adopted by the Council.

NISAC History


  The National Independent Study Accreditation Council, a 501(c)3 with state and federal tax exempt status,  began in 1997 through the direction of private home school administrators and public school officials. Its standards emulate those of regional accreditation agencies, and its purpose is to raise the integrity and respectability of private homeschool organizations.


  Terry Neven, one of NISAC’s founders, is the Executive Director. Mr. Neven has been involved in homeschooling since 1981.

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