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National Independent Study Accreditation Council

(Print this page, fill out and mail to NISAC)



Application for: ___ Candidacy  ___ Accreditation ___ Renewal


Name of School :__________________________________________________Date:__________  


___Administrator ___ Principal:_____________________________________________________


School Phone: ________________________ Admin Home Phone: __________________________


Admin Cell:___________________________School Fax: ________________________________


School Address:_________________________________________________________________



Mailing Address (if different):_______________________________________________________




Year Established:___________ For Profit:____________ Non-profit:__________


Geography of enrollment: ___ Local ___ State ___ National ___ International 


Current # of Students:______________Grades Served:___________________


Number of Staff: ____ Full Time  ___ Part Time 




Accreditation Information


List Other Accreditations, if any (Include proof of current membership):






Have you ever been denied, terminated, or resigned from accreditation:


___Yes ___No            If yes, please provide details:                                                                                                                            





Organizations desiring to apply for candidacy or accreditation should fill out an application and submit it to NISAC with the appropriate fee. NISAC will respond and establish an initial appointment.

Application for Candidacy                    $ 250.00

Candidacy Visitation                                500.00

Application for Accreditation                   350.00

Subject Specialty Fee                              500.00

Accreditation Self-Study Visitation           500.00 

Annual Candidacy/Accreditation

Fee Schedule                               250.00 (under 200 students)

                                                       350.00 (201 – 400 students)

                                                       450.00 (401 – 600 students)

                                                       550.00 (601 – 800 students)

                                             650.00 (801 student +)




Please include the following documents with your application:

*          Copy of dba or articles of incorporation

*          Copy of Affidavit or filing with your state

*          School Brochure or Handbook

*          High School Manual/Handbook

*          Course of Study

*          Copies of Record Keeping Forms and Procedures, including Teacher Evaluation Forms and Transcripts

*          Copy of Annual Financial Report (recent) and Budget

*          Application Fee payable to NISAC





Submit Application and Documents to:

National Independent Study Accreditation Association

13216 Leach St., Sylmar, CA 91342

(818) 523-6791





The information in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete:



Signature                                                                                                     Print Name                       



Title                                                                                                                      Date

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